State Bond Project Updates

2021 State Bond Project Updates

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State Bond Project Updates

State of Rhode Island 

Spring 2021 GO Bond Issuance

New Money Bonds - $135.9* million for projects, including:

    • K-12 School Buildings and Early Childhood Care and Education
    • Affordable Housing
    • Highway Improvement Program
    • Environmental Projects (Coastal Resiliency, Wastewater Treatment Facility Resilience Projects, Stormwater Pollution, Brownfields Remediation, Dam Repair, Clean Water/Drinking Water Projects, Flood Control)
    • $53.5* million of projects from the recently passed bond referendum

New Money Bond Structure

    • 2021 Series A (Tax-Exempt): $120.4* million with final maturity of 20 years
    • 2021 Series B (Federally Taxable): $15.5* million with final maturity of 10 years
    • Refunding of $80.7* million of outstanding G.O. Bonds to generate debt service savings

*Preliminary, subject to change.  For more information, see the Preliminary Official Statement dated April 9, 2021.